Creating a Meeting Agenda

The meeting agenda is a roadmap for the meeting. It lets participants know where they're headed so they don't get off track. Most importantly, the meeting agenda gives a sense of purpose and direction to the meeting.

All agendas should list the following:

  • Meeting start time
  • Meeting end time
  • Meeting location
  • Topic headings
  • Include some topic detail for each heading
  • Indicate the time each topic is expected to last
  • Indicate which meeting participants are expected to be the main topic participants

Sample Agenda

Internet Marketing Association Meeting Agenda Start at 10:00 a.m. in Board Room
Item Responsible Time
Opening Remarks President 5 min
VP Membership Report
-intramural report
-new member program intro
VPM 20 min
VP Financial Report
-status of budget
-housebill status
VPF 7 min
VP Rush Report
-status of current efforts
-status of next term plans
VPR 7 min
VP Internal VPI 5 min
VP External VPE 10 min
Guest Speaker Community Relations 15 min
End at 11:10

Let's keep on track!